Woodland Pioneers Week 2012
Well the weather was better than 2011 - amazing! The star of the week was Lynne and Mike's wood-burning oven - fresh bread every day!

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1 day workshop: Uses of Birch with Twiggy and Brian Crawley
Twiggy and Brian guided everyone through the making of mallets, besoms, bird-feeders and more. Students used axes, draw knives and whittling knives to shape their beautiful and practical pieces.

1 day workshop: Riven Oak Panels with Owen Jones
Owen showed how boiled lengths of split oak can be riven (split) into thinner and thinner pieces until they become very pliable when kept damp. Rectangular frames were then made in groups and the riven oak woven onto the frame to make a panel. This method of riving oak is also used by Owen during the process of making oak swill baskets.

1 day workshop: Coppicing with Sam Ansell
Unfortunately we don't have any photos for the coppicing wokshop, which was held off-site this year. Hopefully some photos to come soon...

1 day workshop: Rustic Stools with Ian Taylor and Sam Robinson
Everyone began with an oak log about 2 feet long and split it in half. They then used one half to make 4 (or 3 or 5!) legs and the other half to split, axe and adze down to make a seat. Mortice holes were drilled into the seats at the correct angle and the axed legs were inserted. Finally the legs were levelled off to result in some very beautiful pieces of rustic furniture.

2 day workshop: Introduction to the Pole Lathe with Maurice Pyle and Peter Wood
The students were shown how to rough-out a split log into a round-ish shape which was then refined on the pole lathe with specially designed hook-tools.

2-day workshop: Hayrakes with Steve Tomlin
Steve guided his students in the art of making hayrakes.

Around and About
Here are a few more photos of around and about the woods, the tea-tent and hall. Check out the wood-burning oven on a trailer!