Woodland Pioneers Week 2022

Oh wow, Woodland Pioneers (2022) was so hugely lovely this year. It felt so good meeting new people and welcoming back some good friends.

The familiar four courses continued for those new to us - treen (making all sorts of small items from fresh wood), woven oak panels, log-to-stool and charcoal making. So good for building a varied understanding of how we can use wood grown in a coppiced woodland.

For those that have been before there were two two-day workshops, One making a stick chair and the other building a timber framed tea tent! Both were hard work for the short amount of time, but everyone did so well!

Can't wait until next year!

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2-day workshops for advanced participants: Other stuff:
  • Out and about
  • Charcoal Making with the Coppice Co-op
    We had the Coppice Co-op on site throughout the week teaching and demonstrating the most common ways to make charcoal from locally harvested wood. From using a ring kiln, to a barrel on its side, to an earth clamp to a small tin for making artists charcoal. The Coppice Co-op are a workers co-operative based in Silverdale where they work and manage the local woodlands, producing not just charcoal, but a selection of coppice products. See more on their website: www.coppicecoop.co.uk

    Treen with Lorna Singleton
    Lorna guided everyone through the making of spatulas, clothes pegs, gypsy flowers and more. Lots of shave horse action for clamping the wood and safe use of a carving knife, axe and drawknife.

    Stools with Helen Clarke
    Solid ash seats with split and drawknifed legs. Very nice! Adzes were used to smooth the seats then mortices were drilled into the slab seats and the stools assembled.

    Riven Oak Westmorland Panels with Owen Jones
    Boiled lengths of split oak can be riven (split) into thinner and thinner pieces until they become very pliable when kept damp. Rectangular frames were then made in groups and the riven oak woven onto the frame to make a panel. This method of riving oak is also used by Owen during the process of making oak swill baskets.

    Stick Chairs with James Mitchel
    Great to have James back with us this year sharing his vast experiance in greenwood working. Some amazing and very imaginative chairs emerged as the week went on...

    Timber Framing with Jack Holden and Tom Wright
    Jack and Tom's knowledge and expertise came together with their two sets of students to put together a timber structure. We're hoping to use it next year for our tea tent in the woods, aka Kath's Caff!

    Come and join us next year!